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Announcing the launch of: The OECD/DAC Peer Review of Luxembourg

Publié le lundi 23 octobre 2017

Already one of the most generous providers of aid, Luxembourg has strengthened its development profile in recent years. It could build on this by setting out a clear vision for the future that factors in new risks of instability in fragile countries and ensures that no vulnerable groups are overlooked, according to a new OECD Review.

The DAC Peer Review of Luxembourg says that concentrating official development assistance (ODA) on a limited number of countries and social sectors, and being focused on the effectiveness of its aid, enables Luxembourg to maximise its visibility, impact and  international influence. Partner countries praise the predictability and flexibility of its aid.

“Luxembourg’s unwavering commitment to development aid, which it keeps separate from funding for refugees and climate finance, sets an example to other DAC members,” said DAC Chair Charlotte Petri Gornitzka. “Looking ahead, Luxembourg could use its experience in green finance to explore possibilities offered by its financial sector  to mobilise additional funding and partnerships for development.”


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